Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicks always go after the alpha male, they're like lions... kings of the desert...

I’m trying to find a life mate. I’d prefer if he were an Alpha Male. Of course everyone knows the term “Alpha Male” but what are we really saying? What does the prefix of a Greek letter accomplish in describing the kind of man every women wants? According to Women’s Health magazine, the Alpha Male is a truly endangered species. The good news? It’s not just you ladies! Where DID all the great guys go?

Not to knock the increasingly popular sensitive, gentle beta male, but biologically women want to find the guy who can best provide, shelter, and protect… oh yeah and have killer abs and be a beast in the sac. ;) Are we reaching for the stars? Dr. Leonard Sax, M.D. PhD. Wrote an entire book about what in our society has contributed to this, as he calls it, “arrested male development.”

It’s ironic that we can’t seem to accomplish any sense of balance regarding gender roles. Women have risen above men these days, they have a clear sense of their own femininity; we’re succeeding more at work and becoming better educated than most men. How can we start raising boys who will step up to the masculine role again? We’re evolving as a society, of course, but I’m getting pretty sick of the age of the lazy man. In the history of everything, men never had to work to achieve their standing in society.

Even these lazy guys seem to be able to get chicks; come on ladies! Solidarity! Most of us are pretty damn accomplished, Alpha women deserve Alpha men.

Check out the article here: Is the Alpha Male in Danger of Extinction?
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