Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality.

I am a girlfriend. I do not know why or how this happened. However, I do know that there are things most guys look for when they hire for this position. Even though I did not submit a resume, according to there are certain traits that are more preferable than others.

10. She's Independent
9. She's Intelligent
8. She's Sexual
7. She's Beautiful
6. She Respects You
5. She Lets You Be a Man
4. She's Nag-less
3. She Gets Along with Friends and Family
2. She Loves You
1. She Makes You Want to Be a Better Man

Well, of course we're not so thrilled about #7 or even #4 but other than that, I think that's pretty reasonable. The question is how accurate is this list, and do guys really know what they have when it's right in front of them?

If you're looking to meet a real guy (guys in bars don't count 99% of the time) then I'd say this list almost completely holds up to reality. All of us seem to think that guys are douch-bags until we listen to our guy friends talk about how hard it is to find a woman. Guess what! There's a list for guys too!

10. You Listen to Her
9. You're Spontaneous
8. You're Sexual
7. You're Confident
6. You Pay Attention
5. You Give Her Space
4. You Respect Her (and her family)
3. You Better Yourself
2. You Challenge Her to be Better
1. You Make her Feel Beautiful

Not bad I'd say that's about par, although some of them could be switched around a bit. Some of these actually coincide with the girl's list. So ultimately guys want girls who feel beautiful because their men think they are beautiful and make them feel beautiful. And girls want guys who pay attention, then give them space, but help each other better each other, and wait... wait are you even listening to me? No I'm not nagging...

Title Quote: Sex and the City