Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hearts will Never be Practical until They are Made Unbreakable

I was in a relationship that ended badly. Of course I was, are there people in this crazy world who cannot relate to that statement? If you can’t, then I can only assume you are wasting your time reading this when you obviously should be spending your time taking samples of Planet Earth’s soil or observing our atmosphere’s weather patterns. Say hi to the mothership for me. The human condition requires that relationships be difficult. As I so often try explain to my friends, in addition to convincing myself on days when logic fails, the most wonderful things in life are often the most difficult to attain, otherwise what makes them special?

That might seem an incredibly bubblegum thing to say but think about it. The things, people, circumstances people find most desirable are those that are not the most easily attained. Not to say that there aren’t people out there whose life goal is to have a banana split with hot fudge and a cherry on top. What happens, though, when the thing you want the most is… well, something completely beyond your control, such as a date, or a husband/wife or a child? Well crap.

There are so many books, movies, magazines, articles, scientific studies, all relating to this pursuit in order to make it something everyone can have. Yet still, with all of this overzealous communication, honesty, and dissection so many of us still haven’t got a damn clue. We might even be more confused than when we started.

I’m sure most people have their own mantra when it comes to relationships. “Time heals all wounds,” “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” or “What’s meant to be will be.” I love that one. It evokes the image of an omnipotent being gazing over the filing cabinet of humanity and randomly color coding our files, “will marry, will divorce, will have cats, will attract losers, will divorce, will be single…” Is it all really that much out of our hands? Everyone who claims to be in a successful relationship will often recount their first meeting story with a note of how lucky they were to find each other. Something you often want to have in writing if the relationship fails.

What’s one more blog in cyberspace dissecting the randomness of love, marriage, and sex? Oh wait I’m sorry this is 2009… soo… sex, procreation, and divorce. Am I that cynical? I don’t think I’m grown-up enough yet, but someday maybe. I haven’t quite gotten stuck to the bottom of Life’s shoe yet.

Title Quote from The Wizard of Oz